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Scout Wellness is a private health coaching service in Los Angeles. Alongside our clients, we co-create health plans to help individual sturn wellness into a lifestyle. We believe that a healthy lifestyle that aligns with your goals and values results in a happier, more authentic version of you. To do so, we highlight your strengths and personalize an approach to help create new habits surrounding nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

Coach Scout’s experience in Functional Medicine allows her to co-create programs that address the root causes of health issues via lifestyle intervention with a focus on creating healthy habits with nutrition, eliminating toxins and allergens, and implementing exercise to improve the symptoms of chronic disease.

Our Four Core Values


Each person has the power to make a change, and change looks different for every individual. The more a client embraces the process, the further a client can progress.


Small steps and actions lead to lasting lifestyle change. All progress deserves acknowledgement and celebration.


Remaining true to oneself creates a happy life that attracts positivity and reciprocates positive energy.


Kindness and self-care are essential to personal growth, healthy relationships, and environmental consciousness.


If becoming more physically active is one of your goals, we will explore a mode that is enjoyable. In addition, we break down each step and celebrate every attempt in the process.

Healthy Diet

We dive deep into mindful eating, eating psychology which focuses on emotions and relationships with food, and education on healthy eating. Additionally, we focus on viewing food as fuel for the body rather than reframing from the consumption of specific foods.


We focus on positive techniques to create a positive and open mindset to reach your goals. In addition, we focus on character strengths, confidence-building, and each progression in your journey towards physical health and a positive mindset.

What Sets Coach Scout Apart?

Coach Scout truly embodies the coach-approach to help clients focus on what matters most to them and to help them become experts in their own health choices. While the initial phase may be difficult, each coaching session is designed to help our clients explore their health and wellness goals. Her goal is to empower each client to consciously act on each thought and manifest them into an authentic lifestyle.