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Services Offered by Our Health Coach in Los Angeles

Scout Wellness provides a wide range of options to provide health coaching plans for every person. Below you will find a variety of options and plans to choose from.

The Inspirer

3-Month Plan


with a 3 month commitment

This plan is designed for those looking for that inspiration to get started on a healthier lifestyle. Whether it be an event you are excited for or you are just looking for that reason to propel you forward in life, this plan will be perfect for you. We will spend time exploring values and motivation, prioritizing goals, and soul searching.
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The Healer

6-Month Plan


with a 6 month commitment

This plan is created for those searching for a health coach to safely guide them in a program that will address their root-cause of their health problems. We will focus on designing a healing program/lifestyle intervention, along with movement and nutrition to control inflammation in the body, to rejuvenate you. Also, we will check in frequently to work on mindfulness as to help you avoid moments of discouragement.
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The Planner

12-Month Plan


with a 12 month commitment

This plan is designed for those looking to rock a new lifestyle and to achieve new goals and reach new heights in the year to follow. If you have made many attempts in the past and none have worked, this plan will be much more fulfilling for your future. We will focus on education, motivation, and the perfect game plan to achieve your goals successfully.
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A La Carte Options

Our a-la-carte options are perfect for individuals looking for a health coach to increase accountability, motivation, and outline their wellness map. If you know exactly what to do but need an extra boost to get there and find your flow, these options will be perfect for you!

Introduction Session

20 Minutes


Foundation Session

1 Hour


Follow Up Session

45 Minutes


Follow Up Session

45 Minutes


Our Other Services

Wellness Retreats

Add a trained Health and Wellness Coach to your retreat or event. Ask about mindfulness activities, wellness programs, and other features to enhance the overall experience.

Speaking Events

Add diversity to an event with a health coach to speak on important topics like positive mindsets and productivity, stress management and relaxation techniques, healthy habits in the work environment, or a customized request.

Personal Grocery Shopping

Add services to your coaching program for extra help on creating a shopping list, grocery shopping for the week ahead, and cooking lessons.